the sims 4 building cheats

The Sims 4 Building Cheats, Codes, Tips and Tutorials for PC

The Sims 4 building cheats – The Sims 4 is popular life simulation video games released in PC. This game is the fourth major series in The Sims video game franchise. It developed by Maxis and the Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts. There are many the Sims 4 cheats and codes we can use with each effect on gameplay. In this articles, we will discuss the Sims 4 building cheats including move objects cheat and trick to show hidden object.

This game released in 2014. The Sims 4 has the same concept as the previous game, the Sims 3. Players control their Sims in various activities and can form relationships. The Sims 4 become one of the most popular and best-selling PC games in 2014 and 2015. To date, The Sims 4 has sold over 5 millions copies worldwide.

The Sims 4 Building Cheats for PC

There are several The Sims 4 cheats we can use while building in this game. First of all, to use this cheat we need to open cheats console by press Control + Shift + C. Than type the cheat we want to input and press enter. To close the cheats console press Control + Shift + C again. Here are list of Sims 4 buiding cheats.

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the sims 4 building cheats

Move Objects Cheat Sims 4

Type bb.moveobjects on to activate Sims 4 move object cheats. The effect will make player able to place items in places that the game would not normally allow. To deactivate cheat, retype those codes again. The move object cheat does have some limitations. While it will allow two windows to be placed on one section of wall, it will cause some strange visuals.

Show Hidden Objects Cheat Sims 4

Type bb.showhiddenobjects on to activate this cheat. The effect will make player able to use items that we normally can’t buy. To deactivate cheat, there are no other way except to exit the game, so be careful if you want to input this codes. This cheat lets us select many items that we cannot usually buy, from full grown fruit trees to the little things our Sims use in everyday activities

Enlarging an Item Cheats Sims 4

It’s not actually cheat, but there is trick to enlarging an item in the Sims 4. In Build mode, pick up an item and press the ] button and the item will be enlarged a little. With each key stroke, the item will be made slightly bigger. To reduce the size of something that has been enlarged, hit the [ button until the required size is reached.

There are many the Sims 4 cheats and codes and other hidden tricks. This articles only discuss building cheats for the Sims 4, such as move objects cheat, show hidden objects cheat and trick to enlarging an item.

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