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Top 10 Australia Country Singers of All Time (Male & Female)

Top 10 best Australia country singers – As one of the most popular music genres, country music also popular in Australia. There are several Australia country artists, whether Australia country bands or Australia country singers, male and female. In this article, we will discuss list top 10 best Australia country singers of all time with massive popularity and country songs hits in Australia.

Australia country music become part of music culture of Australia. It heavily influenced by Celtic and English folk music and also American country music as the birthplace of country music. Early influential Australia country singers are Slim Dusty, Smoky Dawson as well as two folk singers, Tex Morton and Buddy Williams.

Style of country music in Australia also influenced by western culture with cowboy, outlaws and road trip as its main theme of country song lyrics. Other theme including love, romance, friendship, wedding and daily life. The first root of country music in Australia is bush music which become popular in 1890s.

The growth of modern music country in Australia started in 30s and 40s. Influence of US coutry singers also brought to Australia. Slim Dusty, dubbed as King of Australia Country Music become one of the most popular Aussie artist in this era. His singles, A Pub with No Beer, become the biggest-selling singles of all time in Australia. Several Australia country musician also gained famed overseas, with Keith Urban and Olivia Newton-John as most notable examples.

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10 Best Australia Country Singers of All Time

From the Australia’s Father of Country Music to best-selling Australia country artists, here are top 10 best Australia country singers male and female throughout music history in Australia.

1. Slim Dusty

australia country singers slim dusty

Full name : David Gordon Kirkpatrick
Born : Nulla Nulla Creek, New South Wales, Australia on 13 June 1927
Died : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 19 September 2003 (age 76)
Genres : Country
Years active : 1945-2003
Notable songs : A Pub with No Beer, Duncan, Lights on the Hill, Country Revival

2. Keith Urban

australia country singers keith urban

Full name : Keith Lionel Urban
Born : Whengarei, Northland, New Zealand on 26 October 1967
Genres : Country, country pop
Years active : 1990-present
Notable songs : Somebody Like You, You’ll Think of Me, Stupid Boy, Blue Ain’t Your Color

3. Smoky Dawson

australia country singers smoky dawson

Full name : Herbert Henry Brown
Born : Collingwood, Victoria, Australia on 19 March 1913
Died : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 13 February 2008 (age 94)
Genres : Country
Years active : 1932-2005
Notable songs : Days of Old Khancobhan, Homestead of My Dreams, You Will Never Grow Old, Road to Anywhere

4. Adam Harvey

australia country singers adam harvey

Full name : Adam Harvey
Born : Geelong, Victoria, Australia on 21 December 1974
Genres : Country
Years active : 1984-present
Notable songs : Gypsy Queen, I Blame You, Workin’ Overtime, The Shake of a Hand

5. Olivia Newton-John

australia country singers olivia newton-john

Full name : Olivia Newton-John
Born : Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England on 26 September 1948
Genres : Country, pop
Years active : 1963-present
Notable songs : You’re the One I Want, Please Mr. Please, Come on Over, Don’t Stop Believin’

6. Chad Morgan

australia country singers chad morgan

Full name : Chadwick William Morgan
Born : Wondai, Queensland, Australia on 11 February 1933
Genres : Country, western
Years active : 1952-present
Notable songs : The Fatal Wedding, You’re Gettin’ Old Son, The Dinkum Dill, One of the Mob

7. Kasey Chambers

australia country singers kasey chambers

Full name : Kasey Chambers
Born : Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia on 4 June 1976
Genres : Country, country pop
Years active : 1993-present
Notable songs : Million Tears, If I Were You, Not Pretty Enough, Nothing at All

8. Joy McKean

australia country singers joy mckean

Full name : Joy McKean
Born : Singleton, New South Wales, Australia on 14 January 1930
Genres : Country
Years active : 1949-present
Notable songs : Morning Mail, Old Paint, Cause I Have You, I’m Moving On

9. Steve Forde

australia country singers steve forde

Full name : Steve Forde
Born : Cowra, New South Wales, Australia on 1977
Genres : Country
Years active : 2000-present
Notable songs : Rodeo Freak, The Letter, Another Man, No Wrong

10. Lee Kernaghan

australia country singers lee kernaghan

Full name : Lee Raymond Kernaghan
Born : Corryong, Victoria, Australia on 14 January 1930
Genres : Country
Years active : 1969-present
Notable songs : Boys from the Bush, Southern Son, Skinny Dippin, Something in the Water

Other Notable Australian Country Singers (Male & Female)

  • Adam Brand
  • Troy Cassar-Daley
  • John Williamson
  • Melinda Schneider
  • Jean Stafford
  • Tex Perkins
  • Paul Kelly
  • Shirley Thoms

Slim Dusty, dubbed as Father of Country Music, often regarded as the best Australia country artist and overall best Australia artist of all time. Other country singers such as Keith Urban and Olivia-Newton John also make their way to country music industry in US.

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