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Top 10 Best Secondhand Serenade Songs List (Greatest Hits)

Best Secondhand Serenade Songs – Secondhand Serenade is a rock band created in Melo Park, California, US by John Vesely. In fact, Vesely was the only member of the bands. He acted as vocalist, guitarist and pianist. Vesely make a solo project under the name Secondhand Serenade band. This band have released 4 studio albums, including many popular single such Fall for You and Your Call. So what’s the best Secondhand Serenade from the beginning to date that become hit song?

Secondhand Serenade Members

  • John Vesely (vocalist, guitarist, pianist)

Many people misleading with the concept of Secondhand Serenade as a band or solo project. John Vesely is the sole member of this group, but the term band still used to define Secondhand Serenade. In early years, Secondhand Serenade known as accoustic bands. In fact, many of their hit song is an accoustic-theme song with guitar string as its core.

Secondhand Serenade gained early popularity through MySpace and then known as one of most promising indie bands in mid-to-late 2000s. With pop rock songs style, Secondhand Serenade growth couple fans around the world. Their first two albums, Awake (2007) and A Twist in My Story (2008) reached many music lovers through online advertising.

Secondhand Serenade Discography

  • Awake (2007)
  • A Twist in My Story (2008)
  • Hear Me Now (2010)
  • Weigthless EP (2011)
  • Undefeated (2014)

In their careers, Secondhand Serenade has released 4 studio albums and 1 extended plays, along with 2 demos and several singles. They also known by their love-theme lyrical in some of their song. From all of their song, there are some songs that gained popularity and become hit song. So what is Secondhand Serenade best song of all time? Here are our latest picks about top 10 best Secondhand Serenade songs.

Top 10 Best Secondhand Serenade Songs

1. Fall for You

Album : A Twist in My Story
Year : 2008

2. A Twist in My Story

Album : A Twist in My Story
Year : 2008

3. Stay Close, Don’t Go

Album : A Twist in My Story
Year : 2008

4. Your Call

Album : A Twist in My Story
Year : 20085. Awake

5. Awake

Album : Awake
Year : 2007

6. Vulnerable

Album : Awake
Year : 2007

7. Something More

Album : Hear Me Now
Year : 2010

8. Lost

Album : Single
Year : 2017

9. Shake It Off

Album : Undefeated
Year : 2014

10. Stranger

Album : A Twist in My Story
Year : 2008

So that’s our picks about top 10 greatest Secondhand Serenade songs update from beginning to date. Fall for You arguably known as their greatest, most essentials and also their most popular songs to date, while other hit such Vulnerable, Your Call and Stay Close Don’t Go also enjoyed mainstream success in audience and break into chart all around the world.

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