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Top 10 Best Australian Heavy Metal Bands List of All Time

Australian heavy metal bands list – Heavy metal or metal is one of the current most popular music genres in the world, including in Australia. There are several Australian heavy metal bands and its subgenres various such as metalcore, thrash metal, death metal or black metal. So what is the best Australian metal bands of all time? We will discuss list of top 10 Australian metal bands.

In its history, Australian heavy metal music has its roots from 70s hard rock style. Its musical also influenced by US and British heavy metal movement in 70s and early 80s. As we know that several best metal bands in the world first gained fame in 70s and 80s such as Black Sabbath, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Megadeth. Other country that influence heavy metal in Australia are two North European countries, Sweden with its death metal music and Norway with its black metal music.

AC/DC – considered as the greatest Australian bands and also one of the best bands of all time – known with its hard rock music, but they also perform heavy metal in several songs. Thus, it’s no wonder that AC/DC is well deserved to called as best metal bands of all time in Australia. Many other metal bands in Australia formed in late 80s and early 90s. Bands such Alchemist, Dungeon and Disembowelment is notable example of Australian metal bands in 90s.

List of 10 Best Australian Metal Bands

Here are list of top 10 best Australian metal bands of all time, including other metal subgenres such as metalcore, death metal, black metal, thrash metal, gothic metal, progressive metal, power metal, nu metal and symphonic metal among others.


australian metal bands ac-dc

Origin : Sydney, New South Wales
Formed : 1973
Genres : Hard rock, heavy metal
Members : Angus Young, Chris Slade, Stevie Young, Axl Rose, Malcolm Young (former), Bon Scott (former), Phil Rudd (former), Mark Evans (former), Dave Evans (former), Brian Johnson (former)
Notable songs : Back in Black, Highway to Hell, Shoot to Thrill, Thunderstruck


australian metal bands voyager

Origin : Perth, Western Australia
Formed : 1999
Genres : Progressive metal
Members : Daniel Estrin, Simone Dow, Scott Kay, Alex Canion, Ashley Doodkorte, Mark Boeijen (former), Mark De Vattimo (former), Geoff Callahan (former), Melissa Fiocco (former)
Notable songs : Sober, Breaking Down, Ascension, Misery Is Only Company

Parkway Drive

australian metal bands parkway drive

Origin : Byron Bay, New South Wales
Formed : 2003
Genres : Metalcore
Members : Winston McCall, Jeff Ling, Luke Kilpatrick, Ben Gordon, Jia O’Connor, Shaun Cash (former)
Notable songs : Vice Grip, Devil’s Calling, Crushed, Wide Eyes

Destroyer 666

australian metal bands destroyer 666

Origin : Melbourne, Victoria
Formed : 1994
Genres : Black metal, thrash metal
Members : K. K. Warslut, Perracide, Felipe Plaza, R.C., Shrapnel (former), Matt Razor (former), Mersus (former)
Notable songs : Satanic Speed Metal, I Am the Wargod, Unchain the Wolves, Live and Burn


australian metal bands alchemist

Origin : Canberra
Formed : 1987 (on hiatus since 2010)
Genres : Death metal, progressive metal
Members : Adam Agius, John Bray, Rodney Holder, Roy Torkington, Nick Wall (former)
Notable songs : Austral Spectrum, Garden of Eroticism, Yoni Kunda, Dancing to Life

Black Majesty

australian metal bands black majesty

Origin : Melbourne, Victoria
Formed : 2001
Genres : Power metal, heavy metal
Members : John Cavaliere, Steve Janevski, Hanny Mohamed, Evan Harris, Ben Mazzarol, Joe Fata (former)
Notable songs : Further Than Insane, Silent Company, Dragon Reborn, Wish You Well


australian metal bands dungeon

Origin : Broken Hill
Formed : 1989 (disbanded in 2005)
Genres : Power metal, heavy metal
Members : Tim Grose, Stu Marshall, Dale Corney, Steve Moore, Brendan McDonald
Notable songs : No Way Out, Resurrection, Time to Die, A Rise to Power


australian metal bands disembowelment

Origin : Melbourne, Victoria
Formed : 1989 (disbanded in 1993)
Genres : Death metal
Members : Renato Gallina, Paul Mazziotta, Jason Kells, Matthew Skarajew
Notable songs : The Tree of Life and Death, Extracted Nails, Slaughtered Remains, Thou Messiah


australian metal bands eyefear

Origin : Melbourne, Victory
Formed : 1994
Genres : Progressive metal, power metal
Members : Evan Harris, Zain Kimmie, Con Papazoglou, Danny Cecati, Seb Schneider
Notable songs : Eyes of Madness, Always Reasons, Lost Within, Two Souls Apart

Vanishing Point

australian metal bands vanishing point

Origin : Melbourne, Victory
Formed : 1995
Genres : Progressive metal, symphonic metal, power metal
Members : Silvio Massaro, Chris Porcianko, Simon Best, Christian Nativo, James Maier
Notable songs : Forgotten Self, When Truth Lies, Distant Is the Sun, On the Turning Away

List of Popular Australian Heavy Metal Bands

  • Buffalo
  • Mortal Sin
  • Pendulum
  • Red Descending
  • Virgin Black
  • Mortification
  • Silent Knight
  • Ilium
  • Wolfmother
  • The Berzerker
  • BaK
  • Psycroptic
  • Valhalore
  • Be’lakor
  • Portal
  • Hemina

That’s full list of best Aussie heavy metal bands of all time, including some popular bands like AC/DC, Voyager, Parkway Drive and Destroyer 666. In the present time, the growth of heavy metal music in Australia – and in the world – is decrease in the wake of other music genres such as pop, hip hop or EDM. But that doesn’t stop heavy metal artists in Australia to create their work in metal genres.

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