how to improve english language skills

How to Improve English Language Skills Through Education System

How to improve English language skills through education system – Education is very important subject. How is education today highly exalted and the number one concern in our lives. This is a pretty good difference and progress from a few years ago on how they interpreted an education. But there are also things that need to be emphasized in the learning world that is learning English. Learning English is very pivotal to increase our skills in globalization era. But how can we improve our English language skills? What tips to improve English language learning through country’s education system?

Currently, we live in a very global era and an international class, where the language used is English. We have to apply some projects to improve English language learning. There are three projects and tips that can increase English language learning. Below we provide our tips to improve English language skills, whether reading skill, speaking skill, listening skill, grammar or conversation, through education system.

How to Improve English Language Skills

1. Learning from Basic

First, apply the method of quick reading passage in learning English in elementary school students. Because students feel motivated to learn English with this concept and some schools already apply this concept and have a good result, and then happy with class activities, a conducive classroom atmosphere, and fun learning process. We can also provide audio visual media and some posters to make it more interesting.

2. Provide Young Learners

Next, we must provide many English young learners. Because their ability is good enough and they are flexible to teach in elementary school, junior high school, senior high school or even college. They can get closer and steal students’ attention with the techniques and ways of young people. So the potential is greater. Because a lot of creative young people that creates many teaching communities creativily that can be utilized to improve English language learning.

3. Apply Billingual Class

Last project is apply billingual class. It may look difficult for the students at the start, but actually it’s not too difficult. The gradual use of English from 25% in the beginning to 75%. It is very helpful for students to listen, speak, write and read English and will easily apply it to everyday life. The portion of English learning that students get will be more and more until reach more than 50%..

In the era of globalization as now English plays an important role in international communication in the field of development, technology, economics and education. In line with the flow of globalization, the need for English proficiency is increasingly felt. It is therefore not surprising that experts working in education need to provide intensive and continuous English lessons to high school students even since children are still in elementary school. So you have other tips and way how to improve English language skills and learning?

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