how to become a good leader

How to Become a Good Leader | 3 Qualification of Leadership Skills

How to become a good leader – What makes a good leader? Leaders are often called coaches, leaders or pioneers. The leader is a person who has the ability and the excess – especially the skills in one term, so that he is able to influence others to jointly perform certain activities to achieve one goal. There are many qualities of good leader. So what are the qualities of good leadership skills? How to be a good leader?

Leaders can be interpreted in all terms. It can be within the scope of the company in all areas, in state agencies, company, committee, city, countries, organization or forum, or even a family. A leader is required for many tasks and responsibilities. It is not easy to be a leader on a basic scale, let alone on a large scale.

3 Qualification of a Good Leadership Skills

So how to become a good leader? Basically, everyone is able to be a leader, the important one he should has leadership skills and certain abilities. There are many skills needed to be a good leader that should be obtained. Overall, qualification of a good leadership skills are communication, action (direct and guide) and cooperation.

1. Communication

First, having the ability to communicate effectively or communiaction skills without being questioned is the thing that really must be improved and fortunately you can learn this ability. Leaders who are able to communicate their thoughts, feelings, ideas, concerns and desires will be more able to avoid conflict, negotiate and collaborate at a high level. This capability will be needed for the future, especially when the digital era and communication are increasingly being done without face-to-face.

2. Direct and Guide

Second, if you want to make something that you lead successfully, then the ability to direct, guide and coach is necessary. Coaching on employees will also be very influential. It does not have to do a big coaching, just by giving direction, guidance and understanding of the little things. In this way can also be an effort to get closer between the leader and his subordinates. Coaching, nurturing, loving and developing the leader’s capacity in his organization is a very valuable investment .

3. Cooperation

Last but not least, a good leader should be able to cooperate. It means that the leader should be able to maintain good relationships with his employees. In addition he also must be able to work well with many other colleagues. The word cooperation also includes that leaders should not be arbitrary. If between them have established a good cooperative relationship, then certainly everything will be easier. You can imagine if the leader can not be nice, then all a common vision and mission will be difficult to realized.

It can be concluded that being a good leader is not as easy as we imagine . Lots of capabilities needed to be a good leader. Therefore that leader is the center of everything, then of course there are many requirement to be a leader. As we know, with the many tasks and responsibilities, the leader is also required to focus despite demanding a lot of time. A good leader can also be seen with what his achievements and accomplishments are during his period.

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