songs with new in the title

Songs with New in the Title | List of 50+ New Songs Title

Songs with new in the title – Everyone love a new thing. New is a fresh start, something that don’t exist before or something that we currently own. Whether is new friends, new cars or new phone, we loves something new. This term inspires artists and musicians to create songs with new in the title. Many songs with new in the title created from past to current days.

According to dictionary, definition of new is not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time. In music industry, new is one of most used word in title songs. There are numerous songs with new in its title, some of notable examples are Linkin Park’s New Divide, Dua Lipa’s New Rules, James Brown’s Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag and Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle’s A Whole New World.

We will provide list of songs with new in the title of all time. There are exception with city term, like ‘New York’, ‘New Jersey’ or ‘New Orleans’ that we not include in this list. Other exception also apply in ‘new year’ phrase and ‘news’ word becuase it term have other meanings.

songs with new in the title

Songs with New in the Title

  1. 50 Cents – New Day
  2. Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  3. Alicia Keys – Brand New Me
  4. Alicia Keys – New Day
  5. Animal Collective – New Town
  6. Attila – The New Kings
  7. Beck – The New Pollution
  8. Blind Melon – New Life
  9. Blink-182 – A New Hope
  10. Blur – New World Towers
  11. Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come
  12. Chris Brown – New Flame
  13. Clean Bandit – New Eyes
  14. Dashboard Confessional – The Sharp Hint of New Tears
  15. David Bowie – A New Career in a New Town
  16. David Bowie – New Killer Star
  17. Daya – New
  18. Death Cab for Cutie – Your New Twin Sized Bed
  19. DJ Khaled – No New Friends
  20. Dua Lipa – New Rules
  21. Ed Sheeran – New Man
  22. Elbow – Newborn
  23. Elvis Costello – New Lace Sleeves
  24. Everclear – I Will Buy You a New Life
  25. Funeral for a Friend – Red Is the New Black
  26. Gary Allan – Good As New
  27. Giorgio Moroder – 74 Is the New 24
  28. Gorillaz – New Genious (Brother)
  29. Grateful Dead – New Speedway Boogie
  30. Green Day – Somewhere New
  31. Halestorm – New Modern Love
  32. Hozier – Someone New
  33. Huey Lewis & the News – I Want a New Drug
  34. Incubus – New Skin
  35. Iron Maiden – Brand New World
  36. Iron Maiden – New Frontier
  37. James Brown – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag
  38. Jason Aldean – Old Boots, New Dirt
  39. Jethro Tull – Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of the New Day)
  40. Johnny Marr – New Town Velocity
  41. Joy Division – New Dawn Fades
  42. Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress
  43. Kanye West – New God Flow
  44. Kanye West – New Slaves
  45. Linkin Park – New Divide
  46. Megadeth – New World Order
  47. Muse – New Born
  48. Nirvana – (New Wave) Polly
  49. No Doubt – New Kid
  50. Panic at the Disco – Emperor’s New Clothes
  51. Panic at the Disco – New Perspective
  52. Pantera – A New Level
  53. Paul McCartney – New
  54. Paula Abdul – The Promise of a New Day
  55. Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle – A Whole New World
  56. Pharell Williams – Brand New
  57. Pink Floyd – A New Machine
  58. R.E.M. – New Test Leper
  59. Rage Against the Machine – New Millenium Homes
  60. Robert Plant – New World
  61. Rush – New World Man
  62. Savages – I Need Something New
  63. Sinead O’Connor – The Emperor’s New Clothes
  64. Sting – Brand New Day
  65. T.I. – New National Anthem
  66. Taking Back Sunday – New American Classic
  67. Tame Impala – New Persons, Same Old Mistake
  68. Taylor Swift – New Romantics
  69. The Beatles – What’s the New Mary Jane
  70. The Clash – All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)
  71. The Eagles – New Kid in Town
  72. The Supremes – I’ll Try Something New
  73. Tom Jones – What’s New Pussycat?
  74. Train – Brand New Book
  75. Wild Beasts – New Life
  76. Zendaya – Something New

(not including ‘New York’, ‘New Jersey’, ‘New Orleans’, ‘New Year’, ‘News’)

There are several hits songs with new in the title and notable artists like Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Adele and Alicia Keys also have songs with new in the title. Do you know other tracks with new in the title that we missed? Tell us in comments below.

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