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Top 100+ Best Grunge Songs of All Time That You Should Listen

Top 100 best grunge songs – Who doesn’t love the 90s? Everyone loves the 90s. There are many good things in 90s – good movies, memorable TV series, decent music – you named it. In music industry, there are many genre that growing in 90s, one of them is grunge. Grunge is a subgenre of rock that emerged during late 80s. But it’s not until 90s that grunge take over music industry, leading to many 90s grunge bands that exist.

Of course if we think about grunge, one word come to our mind, none other than Nirvana. The Seattle-based bands is the best, greatest, most popular and most influential grunge bands of all time. Kurt Cobain and co also responsible for some grunge songs that become massive hits in early 90s, from grunge-anthem like Smells Like Teen Spirit to classic hits like Come as You Are.

But grunge is not only Nirvana. There are plenty grunge bands that released many good albums and singles. Of course some of them is not only sing grunge song, even Nirvana is considered as alternative rock bands too as grunge is an early version of modern alt rock genre.

Some of notable best grunge bands in 90s are Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots. They release many grunge-style songs that become hits in 90s era.

Although most grunge bands had disbanded or faded from view by the late 1990s, they influenced modern rock music, as their lyrics brought socially conscious issues into pop culture. Several new genre such as post-grunge and nu metal also come from grunge popularity.

100 Best Grunge Songs

To pick top 100 best grunge songs is no easy task. We can’t just put random Nirvana songs into the list. There are many other grunge hit songs from other bands. Here are our top 100 all time best grunge songs (althought mostly, if not all, is the 90s grunge songs).

NoSong TitleArtist/Band
1Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana
2Come as You AreNirvana
3AlivePearl Jam
4Black Hole SunSoundgarden
5Would?Alice in Chains
6In BloomNirvana
7Interstate Love SongStone Temple Pilots
8JeremyPearl Jam
10Monkey Gone to HeavenPixies
11TodaySmashing Pumpkins
12Heart Shaped BoxNirvana
13Man in the BoxAlice in Chains
14No RainBlind Melon
15VasolineStone Temple Pilots
16Them BonesAlice in Chains
18BackwaterMeat Puppets
19Doll PartsHole
20EverlongFoo Fighters
22Bullet with Butterfly WingsSmashing Pumpkins
23Feel the PainDinosaur Jr.
25Touch Me I’m SickMudhoney
26Hunger StrikeTemple of the Dog
27PlushStone Temple Pilots
28Goin’ BlindMelvins
29All ApologiesNirvana
30Swallow My PrideGreen River
31RoosterAlice in Chains
32Even FlowPearl Jam
33SchizophreniaSonic Youth
34BlurryPuddle of Mudd
35I Stay AwayAlice in Chains
36Serve the ServantsNirvana
37SeetherVeruca Salt
39BlackPearl Jam
40NutshellAlice in Chains
41ShineCollective Soul
42Sex Type ThingStone Temple Pilots
43Dollar BillScreaming Trees
44Say Hello 2 HeavenTemple of the Dog
45About a GirlNirvana
46Blow Up the Outside WorldSoundgarden
47Grease BoxTad
50Cherub RockSmashing Pumpkins
51Down in a HoleAlice in Chains
52Crown of ThornsMother Love Bone
54Big EmptyStone Temple Pilots
55Pretend We’re DeadL7
57Lake of FireMeat Puppets
58Burden in My HeadSoundgarden
59RearviewmirrorPearl Jam
60You Know You’re RightNirvana
62Between the EyesLove Battery
63BreakThree Days Grace
64Wicked GardenSoundgarden
65River of DeceitMad Season
66AnimalPearl Jam
67Far BehindCandlebox
68Nearly Lost YouScreaming Trees
70BodiesSmashing Pumpkins
71Wake MeGrey Daze
72Jennifer’s BodyHole
74GrindAlice in Chains
75Take a DiverGreen River
76Dead and BloatedStone Temple Pilots
77Out ThereDinosaur Jr.
78Death of MeRed
79This Is ShangrillaMother Love Bone
80Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam
81Possum KingdomThe Toadies
82Territorial PissingsNirvana
83In ‘n’ Out of GraceMudhoney
84Rain When I DieAlice in Chains
86Come DownBush
87Get FreeThe Vines
88Out of FocusLove Battery
89High of the HogTad
90Stay AwayNirvana
91Pretty NoseSoundgarden
92Your SaviorTemple of the Dog
93Oh, MeMeat Puppets
94Something in the WayNirvana
95Long Gone DayMad Season
96No ExcusesAlice in Chains
97Fell on Black DaysSoundgarden
98All Hail MeVeruca Salt
99Seven Marry ThreeCumbersome

It’s no surprises that Nirvana have many good grunge songs, as well as other popular grunge bands such as Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jeremy and Stone Temple Pilots. You have other suggestion? Did we miss something? Tell us in comment section below.

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