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Best German Rappers | List of Top 10 Rap & Hip Hop Artists in Germany

Top 10 best German rappers – Music in Germany is diverse in many genres, including hip hop. German hip hop is growth from years to years. Currently, there are many top German rap artists or German hip hop artists. They consistently produce best German hip hop songs. So who is the best German rappers of all time? We will discuss list of best German rap/hip hop artists.

Hip hop and rap are two things that relate each other. Hip hop is culture first gained prominence in Bronx, New York, US in 80s. Since then, hip hop is spread in several country outside America, including Germany. The German hip hop movement is started in early 90s. Many German rappers in 90s with his rap songs that draw attention in German music industry.

Majority of top German rap artists are immigrant, mostly Turkish-German. They tend to use music to critize German social and politics. Other popular German rappers even write controversial lyrics to critize German government. In general, many best German rap songs that become popular, not only in underground scene, but also in German mainstream music industry.

Currently, notable example of popular German rap singers are Bushido, Eko Fresh, Fler and Chakuza. There is also German female rapper such as Haiyti. While notable example of best German rap groups are K.I.Z. and Aggro Berlin. All of them have contribute to increase German rap music interest in the past years.

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Top 10 Best German Rappers of All Time

Below we make top German rappers list, consists top 10 German rappers of all time. This list include German rap bands or rap singers along with his/her birthname, origins, genres and their respectively songs hits.


best german rappers bushido

Birth name : Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi (also known as Sonny Black)
Born : Bonn, Germany on 28 September 1978
Debut : 1988
Genres : Hip hop, gangsta rap
Jobs : Rapper, producer, entrepreneur
Best rap/hip hop songs : Fur immer jung, Nie wieder, Janine, Kennst du die Stars


best german rappers fler

Birth name : Patrick Losensky (also known as Frank White)
Born : Bonn, Germany on 1982
Debut : 1999
Genres : Hip hop
Jobs : Rapper, singer
Best rap/hip hop songs : Ich sing nicht mehr fur dich, Jump jump, Eine chance, Zu gangsta


best german rappers chakuza

Birth name : Peter Pangerl
Born : Linz, Austria on 22 February 1981
Debut : 2005
Genres : Hip hop, rap
Jobs : Rapper, producer
Best rap/hip hop songs : Eure kinder, Unter der Sonne, Charlie brown, Dings


best german rappers haftbefehl

Birth name : Aykut Anhan
Born : Offenbach, Hessen, Germany on 16 December 1985
Debut : 2009
Genres : Hip hop, rap
Jobs : Rapper
Best rap/hip hop songs : Chabos wissen wer der babo ist, CopKKKilla, Depressionen im ghetto, Mama


best german rappers marteria

Birth name : Marten Laciny (also known as Marsimoto)
Born : Rostock, East Germany on 4 December 1982
Debut : 1998
Genres : Hip hop, electro, alternative
Jobs : Singer, rapper
Best rap/hip hop songs : Zum konig geboren, Aliens, Scotty beam mich hoch, Verstrahit


best german rappers sido

Birth name : Paul Hartmut Wurdig
Born : East Berlin, East Germany on 30 November 1980
Debut : 1997
Genres : Hip hop
Jobs : Rapper
Best rap/hip hop songs : Mein block, Steh wieder auf, Strassenjunge, Nein


best german rappers haiyti

Birth name : Ronja Zcshoche
Born : Hamburg, Germany on 20 January 1993
Debut : 2013
Genres : Hip hop
Jobs : Rapper, producer, entrepreneur
Best rap/hip hop songs : Gold, Mafioso, Sunny driveby, 100.000 fans

Eko Fresh

best german rappers eko fresh

Birth name : Ekrem Bora (also known as Eko Freezy or Elektro Eko)
Born : Cologne, West Germany on 3 September 1983
Debut : 2002
Genres : Hip hop, rap
Jobs : Rapper, songwriter
Best rap/hip hop songs : Die abrechnung, Ek is back, Ring frei, U-bahn ficker


best german rappers k.i.z

Members : Tarek, Maxim, Nico
Origin : Berlin, Germany
Debut : 2000
Genres : Hip hop, alternative rap
Best rap/hip hop songs : Ellenbogengesellschaft, Boom boom boom, Holle, Spasst


best german rappers kollegah

Birth name : Felix Martin Andreas Matthias Blume
Born : Friedberg, Hesse, West Germany on 3 August 1984
Debut : 2003
Genres : Hip hop, gangsta rap
Jobs : Rapper
Best rap/hip hop songs : Kuck auf die goldkette, Jetlag, Von salat schrumpft der bizeps, Dynamite

Other popular German rap/hip hop artists

  • Killa Hakan
  • Aggro Berlin
  • Nimo
  • MC
  • Kitschkrieg
  • Frutchmax
  • Hugo Nameless
  • Casper
  • Manges
  • Nyze

Those are list of top 10 best German rappers including Bushido, Eko Fresh, Chakuza and Sido. Did we miss someone? Tell us in the comment below.

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